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About Galaxa Pharma

Galaxa Pharma is an innovation-driven and independent pharmaceutical distribution company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Who are we?

Our purpose is to identify and ensure the best possible treatments within healthcare and wellness for our patients, healthcare professionals, and consumers in the Nordic countries.

We fulfill our purpose by introducing and providing some of the most effective- and innovative products, the newest research, and trends within the pharmaceutical industry in cooperation with our global partners.
Galaxa Pharma is a customer-centric organization, as we believe it is the best structure to constantly improve, excel and maintain the highest possible standards for all our stakeholders.
A believe that we take very seriously.

We are working to ensure that innovation is present at all levels of the company. Whether it’s about making improve a product, optimize a process or identify new methods.

Our goals

Our Vision

Galaxa Pharma's vision is to be a trendsetter in the field of healthcare and well-being in the Nordic countries. We aim to provide our retailers, healthcare professionals, and end-consumers with the newest research and treatment solutions tailored to their specific needs so we together can improve life quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the preferred independent pharmaceutical distributor in the Nordic market.

Our Values

Innovation, quality, trust & time

Our areas of expertise

Supply Chain Management 90%
Sales- and Marketing Channels 85%
Regulatory & Compliance Service 80%

We endlessly listen to and learn from our patients, consumers and healthcare professionals who use and work with our represented products on a daily basis, to identify and select new solutions and treatments tailored to their needs.
The close collaboration allows us to be proactive and anticipate the future needs our stakeholders as we thoroughly understand the underlying mechanism of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of supply chain management, optimization,  sales- and marketing channels, logistics, regulatory and compliance service and cultural challenges.  Our expert knowledge within a niche field thereby permit us achieve the highest possible standards – both globally and locally – which is why our area of expertise can be specified into two key centers.

Global center of excellence

  • We actively follow and participate in international research and science
  • Focus on optimum international procurement & supply chain
  • Cooperative relations to ensure know-how used to optimize the total cost of our services to the benefits of our partners

Local center of excellence

  • Regularly collaboration with local government departments within regulation and compliance service
  • Local knowledge of sales- and marketing channels
  • Native cultural understanding of end-consumer
  • Support of logistics

Meet the founders


Lone Henriksen

CEO and Partner

Lone has more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry within stakeholder management, purchasing- and sales, quality management, and R&D.
Lone hold a Chemical Engineer degree from the Technical University of Denmark and a bachelor’s in marketing from Copenhagen Business School.


Gitte Lund

CFO and Partner

Gitte holds and Master of Science from Copenhagen Business school and is originally an auditor.
Gitte has more than 15 years of experience within turnaround- and escalation of a number of major companies as well as market observations and the identification of new trends, technologies, systems, and processes to preempt consumer needs and wants. 

Our Partners